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The Race Club offers swimming camps that are unique in many aspects and rewarding for all. First, we customize our camps to meet the campers’ needs. For example, we design the camp around the time you are able to spend with us, whether it is one day or one week, hoping to accomplish your goals in that time frame. Second, we specialize in helping all swimmers of any ability or any age. The only requirement is that you know how to swim. Third, and most importantly, we offer you the kind of individual attention you need by keeping our camp groups very small.
Life is Worth SwimmingOne of our primary goals is to help you become one in being with the water. The more comfortable and natural you are in the water, the better swimmer you will become. To this end, we focus on teaching the three important fundamentals of faster swimming; streamlining, using your body effectively and sustaining your speed. In addition to emphasizing the correct stroke techniques, we also spend time on starts and turns, understanding that paying attention to small details in swimming make big differences in improvement.

The Race Club is proud to offer the best underwater video imaging and software available. Analyzing your strokes underwater and from different angles is a vital part of improving your skill. Without the advantage of HD underwater video with stop-action and slow motion, you will never appreciate or recognize the details that will make you faster.

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Finally, though about 80% of our camps are dedicated to improving swimming techniques, we will also introduce you to some of the creative Race Club training methods. Besides showing you some novel swim workouts, we will also introduce you to the methods of stretching, strength training, mental training, nutrition and recovery that have helped our athletes succeed. All of these disciplines are important in order for you to maximize your improvement.

The Race Club has a proven record of success at the Olympic Games, but you don’t have to be an Olympian or even a ‘wanna-be’ Olympian to benefit from our camps. In fact, some of the greatest pleasures we have are from improving the skills of a fitness swimmer who simply wants to get better, or the Triathlete who hasn’t quite mastered the art of swimming in open water. Any swimmer can benefit from a Race Club camp.

The Race Club swim camps in Florida are designed for the entire family so you may enjoy the beauty and surroundings of the Keys while you also experience the best swimming camp of your life! With almost 100% of our campers being repeat campers, we must be doing something right! We hope to see you here soon.

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