Swimisodes – Backstroke with Junya Koga – Head Position


One of the most common problems in swimming is holding the head too high. In Backstroke, this swimming technique is common because it increases the pulling power and the awareness of where a swimmer’s body position is in the lane, particularly outdoors in the bright sun however elevating the head in swimming backstroke increases frontal drag, slowing the swimmer down. Learn how to swim Backstroke the way we teach at the Race Club swim camps with proper swimming techniques demonstrated by World Champion Japanese Swimmer Junya Koga. These swim drills will certainly enhance your swim training program.

Swimisodes – Freestyle Head Position


Many freestylers swim with their heads too high. In a crowded swimming pool, swimmers often look forward, hoping to avoid a collision with one of their teammates. These defensive swimming techniques create a bad habit that slows them down. In this Swimisodes, world record holder and Olympic champ Roland Schoeman and Lexie Kelly show how head elevation slows their swimming techniques while Japanese champion, Junya Koga, swims freestyle the way we teach at The Race Club almost effortlessly with his head in the correct swimming technique.

Swimisodes – Butterfly with Roland Schoeman – The Fifth Stroke Part 1


Olympic Gold Medalist Roland Schoeman has developed one of the fastest dolphin kicks in the world. The dolphin kick has become so important in the sport of swimming, now being used in all four strokes, that it is commonly referred to as the ‘fifth stroke’. In this video series on #thefifthstroke, Gary Hall Sr has Roland demonstrate several ways to improve the dolphin kick. In part I of this Race Club Swimisode series, find out what Coach Gary Hall has up his sleeve to get Roland to work both the up and down kick in Butterfly.

Swimisodes – Breaststroke with Rebecca Soni – Kick Down Drill


In this Swimisode starring Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Soni and Zach Hayden demonstrate fast swimming drills that will improve your swim training program. Coach Gary Hall teaches how to swim breaststroke drills that improve your swimming techniques. The 2 or 3 Kick Down Drill is a great way to learn how to hyper streamline the front end of your Breaststroke and lead to faster results in the pool.

The Race Club Swimisodes


The Race Club Swimisodes from The Race Club on Vimeo.

“Swimisodes” will be released regularly. New videos star Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Soni, Roland Schoeman, Junya Koga, Lexie Kelly and Zach Hayden. Swimming techniques are narrated by Coach Gary Hall Sr., a 3 time Olympian and Olympic Medalist. His scientific approach to swimming is helpful to all people trying to make their swimming more enjoyable and faster! Watch Yoga for Swimmers, Dryland training program, Stretching, Nutrition, Mental Training and more! Keep watching our new swimisodes for secret tips on swimming technique, how to swim fast and ways to improve your swimming no matter what level you are in the sport of swimming, triathlon or open water swimming.

Swimming Workouts — Dryland Stretching Exercises


Swimming Workouts

Having a good dryland training program in your swimming workouts will work towards an increase in flexibility and improvement in strength especially in the smaller muscles that help achieve a more streamline shape in the water. At the Race Club, we pride ourselves on our focus and dedication to improving flexibility and encourage our swimmers to visualize the exercise they do on land as if they were in the pool. Understanding how these stretches improve your own swimming is the foundation necessary to dedicate more of your attention, focus and effort to dryland training. This video focuses on resistance stretching, dynamic stretching and external hip rotation stretching. See how each exercise directly affects the speed and performance in the pool or open water.

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Fast Swimming Techniques – Freestyle Flip Turn – The Push Off and Breakout


In the final Fast Swimming Techniques Video on the Freestyle Flip Turn, Gary Hall Sr. talks about The Push Off and Breakout. Learn the fastest swimming techniques as well as mistakes to avoid during the Push Off and Breakout. A lot of Swimmers form bad habits especially training in crowded lanes where the Push Off and Breakout are rarely executed with speed and precision yet this is the most critical part of a Race! Don’t take for granted the speed that is generated off the wall and thanks for watching!

Fast Freestyle Flip Turn Video Series; Part I: The ApproachPart II: The FlipPart III: The Pushoff and Breakout

Fast Swimming Techniques – Freestyle Flip Turn – The Flip


In our second part of Fast Swimming Techniques Video Series on the Freestyle Flip Turn, Gary Hall Sr. discusses three common mistakes made during the Flip Turn along with drills that can improve your own swim training program. Learn innovative swimming drills for the Flip Turn and know the proper position of the head, arms and feet. The flip turn is the part of the race where there is the greatest opportunity to gain on your competitors, so take notes!

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Fast Freestyle Flip Turn Video Series; Part I: The ApproachPart II: The FlipPart III: The Pushoff and Breakout

Fast Swimming Techniques – Freestyle Flip Turn – The Approach


In this Fast Swimming Techniques Video Series, we dissect the Freestyle Flip Turn into 4 parts. The Approach, the Flip, the Pushoff and the Breakout are all equally important to a fast turn. In part 1, Gary Hall Sr. talks about common mistakes made during “the Approach” as well as important swimming drills that can improve your own swim training program and help you get ahead of your competition.

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Fast Freestyle Flip Turn Video Series; Part I: The ApproachPart II: The FlipPart III: The Pushoff and Breakout

“Pre Race Ritual Routine” Gary Hall Jr. on fast swimming techniques

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During our Summer Swim Camps 2013 Gary Hall Jr. spoke to Campers about the importance of Pre Race Ritual Routine. “Gary is well known for his “pro-wrestling like” antics before a competition; frequently strutting onto the pool deck in boxing shorts and robe, shadow boxing and flexing for the audience.” He talks about how you can use simple techniques during your own swim training program that can teach you how to trigger ‘the zone’ and Race at your very best. There aren’t many Coaches that know about this secret that can lead to huge results in the pool, basketball court, football field or wherever you may perform. Secrets of his fast swimming techniques are revealed. Find out why ten time Olympic Medalist Gary Hall Jr was shadowboxing, flexing and kissing his biceps then stepping up on the blocks and crushing his competition for so many years!

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